Certificado de Calibración Báscula

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Refrigerant scale calibration certificate, according to European procedures for calibration. To certify the company and verify the correct operation product.

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The supplier instality provides the ability to calibrate, when buying a specific product, tool, using the appropriate code suggested.

Because we like this calibration service: 

  • The calibration procedure uses the same procedures suggested by LAT, italian commitee to ensure the quality of the service offered
  • The measuring samples have a certified traceability. In practice, our samples are traceable to the universally recognized primary measurement standards.
  • The calibration laboratory is air-conditioned throughout the year: it is known that changes in temperature affect the measured value. (What sense does calibrating a pressure gauge reading a wrong value?)
  • The tool under calibration is in fact stabilizing according to the times and in the manner required by the procedure. For example, for a refrigerant gas scale remains equalizing for 12 hours before the calibration. (How to calibrate seriously in an hour, as others do?)
  • Instality supports customers by compare ourselves with certification authorities to be sure that the reports provided comply with the strictest specifications required regulations.

Why choose this electronic refrigerant scale calibration certificate:

  1. Why is a reliable service and guaranteed, to sleep soundly
  2. Is accurate, to customer specification comes the certificate with the name of the customer
  3. Specific: Valid for one scale.

Buy your Scaleand the related calibration certificate.

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