MGF Vulcano C-Plus Concrete Screed Heater Mobile Heating Central

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MGF Concrete Screed Heater Mobile Heating Central, electric boiler & concrete screed heater with off road pneumatic wheel. Save reports on the included SD Card.

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Weight (tool)25,8 Kg
Tool size400 x 500 x 1100 mm
Standard equipmentScreed Heating and Drying Machine Vulcano C-plus with 2 pipes 2,5m x 3/4''
Pressure (max)8 bar
Flow rate5 ÷ 53 L/min (0,3 ÷ 3,2 m³/h)
Input connectionTap 3/4 '' M
Connection pipe2 pipe 2,5 m x 3/4 '' F
PowerThree-phase 10 kW (three-phase 400VAC+n) / Mono-phase 3,3 kW or 6,7 kW (230 VAC with adapter)
Current14,5 A max
Prevalence1 ÷ 5 m
Pressure (max) sensor50 bar (resolution: 10 mbar)
Frequency50-60 Hz
SD CardmicroSD con adattatore 2Gb
Water temperature sensor-20°C / +120°C
Circulator3 speeds (1300, 1800, 2200 rpm)
Drain connection"Gardena" or 1 / 2''F
Expansion tank2 L, preloaded 3,5 bar

Vulcano by MGF Tools is an electric boiler and concrete screed heater easy to use, light and handy and sturdy and safe.

What we like about this Mobile Concrete Screed Heater C-Plus:

  • Heat exchanger protected against limestone, robust, reliable and efficient, unlike other electric heat exchangers
  • Backlight Display, excellent for the building site
  • Graphic Color Display, to see all the required informations
  • ARM Microcontroller running at 32bit for reliable and accurate testings
  • USB Socket for easy, fast and free firmware updates. Download them from the manufacturer's site
  • Excellent on the building site, off road pneumatic wheel
  • 4 different working programs for heating, drying and testing
  • Automatic parameters saving and restart in case of blackout, to keep the concrete hot
  • Pressure sensor, to test the system and to avoid dry runs and temperature sensor, to control the screed heating cycle phases
  • The LCD is double protected from dust, water, scratches and shocks
  • Sturdy, reliable and 98% efficiency heat exchanger
  • Cannot be damaged by limestone and the maintenance is much easier
  • Not equipped with armored heating elements
  • 3 speeds circulation pump, plug and play
  • Pipes and transport hooks
  • Additional inlet with quick connector for filling or emptying the underfloor heating system
  • Expansion tank, to connect directly to the system without adding anything else
  • The only with 5 heating programs:
    • Automatic
    • Manual
    • Thermal shock
    • Delta temperature
    • Pressure Test

Why buy this electric boiler and concrete screed heater:

  • Best quality/price ratio on the market
  • 100% made in Italy
  • No similar products with the same technology level on the market!

Sehr praktisches Gerät

Wie immer bei Instality alles klasse gelaufen. Produkt kenne ich bereits und kann es weiterempfehlen. Ich bin ein Installateur und brauchte ein Profi-Gerät zur Estrichtrocknung.



    Tutto ok. Ottimo prodotti, ci hanno messo un pò a consegnare perchè la casa madre doveva produrla comunque mi hanno aggiornato sempre sullo stato dell'ordine..

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      Concrete screed heater VULCANO

      User manual for the concrete screed heater VULCANO by MGF professional plumbing tools

      Download (1.28M)
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