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PRESS Testing Pump, excellent for pressure testing, for pouring and filling on water systems and for drain cleaning with the water jetter pipe. Made in Italy.

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Weight (tool)12,80 Kg
Tool size200 x 440 x 320 mm
Standard equipmentPump + high pressure hose + suction pipe
Pressure (max)60 bar
Flow rate7 L/min max
Connection pipe1/2" F - 1500 mm - 80 bar
Power1.75 KW
Service classS1
Insulation classIPX5
Max input temperature60 °C

Electric pressure tester, compact and easy to carry, self-priming pump is ideal for testing the plumbing and hydraulic systems and to verify the tightness of the pipelines and vessels in compliance with technical regulations.

  • Excellent for pressure testing, for pouring and filling on water systems and for drain cleaning with the water jetter pipe
  • Multipurpose, it can pump many non-acid liquids, such as antifreeze fluids
  • Adjustable, high pressure system with safety bypass valve
  • Strong construction, oversized motor and special anticorrosive materials for long lasting operation
  • Supplied with:
    • 1/2'' high pressure pipe
    • Inlet pipe with joint and filter
  • Pump is also suitable for transfer, it requires no supply pressure
  • Easy of reading the pressure, with a pressure gauge in glycerin triple gradiated
  • Manometer in accordance with EN 837 regulations, the quality of the devices is guaranteed
  • Resistant to corrosion and wear, sealing components made of special stainless steel and brass
  • Light, only 12,8 Kg easy to carry
  • Made in Italy, manufacturer MGF Tools, sold in Germany, France and all over the world.

Technical Features

Size 200 x 440 x 320 mm
Output Pressure 0 - 60 bar (adjustable)
Flow Rate 7 L/min
High-pressure pipe 1,5m x 1/2”F swiveling nut
Power 1750 W
Power Supply 230V ~ 50Hz or 115V ~ 60Hz
Category S1
Insulation Category IPX5



Parfait , bonne communication, produit fonctionne parfaitement , envoi rapide


    Viva il made in Italy

    é identica a quella della rems ma costa la metà, pensavo fosse una fregatura, ma la fregatura sta da un altra parte. Consigliatissima

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    Pressure test pump PRESS manual

    Italian User manual for the pressure test pump PRESS made in Italy by MGFTools

    Download (488.22k)

    Pressure test pump PRESS manual

    English User manual for the pressure test pump PRESS made in Italy by MGFTools

    Download (591.52k)
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