Electric diaphragm test pump up to 20 bar

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MGFTools Electric Diaphragm Test Pump. compatible with many fluids thanks to the diaphragm pumping system. Testing & Filling without Constraints, made in Italy.

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Weight (tool)17,00 Kg
Tool size250 x 530 x 410 mm
PackagingMGF cardboard box
Standard equipmentPump + high pressure hose + suction pipe
Voltage230 VAC - 50 Hz
Pressure (max)20 bar
Flow rate14-17 L/min
TankEpoxy painted steel
Connection pipehigh pressure 1/2'' G Fem - 1500 mm
Power750 W
Service classS1
Insulation classIP55

Self priming, electric test pump up to 20 bar. For hydraulic, plumbing and solar systems testing, filling and refilling.

The main advantages for those who choose this electric pressure testing pump:

  • Excellent for pressure testing and filling of water systems, for pouring and filling operations and for chemical mixing
  • It’s compatible with many fluids, even with suspended particles, thanks to the diaphragm pumping system
  • Can pump water and non acids fluids, such as anti-freeze fluids
  • Precise, you can adjust the pressure continuously and with integrated bypass
  • Loading, mixing antifreeze and testing performed in the simplest way and without damaging the plant
  • Long suction pipe, easy filling and pouring of liquids from additional tanks
  • Glycerin high accuracy Ø 63mm manometer in accordance with EN 837 regulations, class 1.6 best accuracy pressure tests
  • Robust and sturdy, tank in reinforced powder-painted steel, or stainless steel
  • Continuous pressure setting, tank and integrated bypass for filling, mixing and testing with ease
  • Protection for the pump and the system with inlet micro-filter
  • Resistant, NBR seals with high resistance to the action and at the temperature
  • Pump head made in anodized aluminum, is perfect for professional use
  • 100% Made in Italy!

Technical Features

  • Weight 18 Kg
  • Size 250 x 530 x 410 mm
  • Working Pressure 0 - 20 bar (adjustable)
  • Flow Rate 14-17 L/min
  • High Pressure Pipe 1,5m x 1/2”F w/swiveling nut
  • Power 750 W
  • Power Supply 230 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Service Class S1
  • Insulation Category IP55

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          Electric pressure test pump

          User manual for the pressure tester by MGFTools

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