High Pressure Electric Testing Pump

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High pressure electric testing pump MGF Tools, easy testing up to 250 bar, ideal for hydraulic systems, fire prevention and heating systems, for steam plants.

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PackagingMGF cardboard box
Standard equipmentPump, High Pressure Hose and HELP Tool
Connection pipehigh pressure 1/2'' G Fem - 1500 mm
Service classS1
Insulation classIPX5
TechnologyPistons system

High pressure electric testing pump, up to 250 bar ideal for hydraulic systems, fire prevention and heating systems, for steam plants.

What we like about this high pressure pump:

  • Ideal for hydraulic systems, fire prevention systems and heating systems, for steam plants in thermoelectric power plants, chemical industry and marine applications
  • Thanks to its high flow it is also ideal for filling and pressurizing the plants to be tested
  • Ability to set the desired test pressure before starting to operate, for a greater security views the pressures
  • During the test you don't have to leave the pump on site, thanks to the "HELP" testing tool supplied, with the valve and pressure gauge, which allow you to disconnect the line. This tool also allows you to have a finer scale to better appreciate pressure variations.
  • Three-phase engine
  • Ceramic pistons and brass head to have the best technology
  • Dual gauge manometer design allows to set the test pressure before filling the system, safer operation without mistakes
  • Three-phase and mono-phase motors, flexibility to customer needs
  • Gauge calibration report available here
  • 100% produced in Italy by MGF Tools

Technical specifications

Art.PressureFlowPower Supply
905699120 bar4 L/min230 V ~ 50Hz -1ph - 1,5 KW22,00 Kg
905698120 bar4 L/min400 V ~ 50Hz -3ph - 1,5 KW22,00 Kg
905697120 bar8 L/min230 V ~ 50Hz -1ph - 1,5 KW22,00 Kg
905696120 bar8 L/min400 V ~ 50Hz -3ph - 1,5 KW22,00 Kg
905600180 bar13 L/min400 V ~ 50Hz -3ph - 5,0 KW27,00 Kg
905820250 bar13 L/min400 V ~ 50Hz -3ph - 6,35 KW30,00 Kg

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Pompa Alta Pressione Ele. 250bar

This pump has been designed for overflow and filling of plants and for their pressure testing

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