Deburring and calibrating tool 2 in 1

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Deburring and calibrating tool indispensable for pressing the multilayer tubeRecalibrate and deburred into the tube. Available in ratchet or fixed head.

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Weight (tool)0,25 Kg
Tool size150 x 100 x 30 mm
PackagingMGF cardboard box
Standard equipmentTool in blister
Special steelYes
Multilayer pipesYes
Made ofSpecial steel forged and tempered
Colorred, black details

Deburrer Calibrator multi-measure 2 in 1 is the indispensable tool for those who must press the multilayer tubes, available in versions: fixed and ratchet.

What we like about this Calibrator Deburrer tool:

  • Fast and professional without gaskets damaging: deburring, chamfering and calibrating in the same operation
  • Adjusts the pipe diameter and rounds it up, excellent pressfitting connection
  • Composite material, light, handy and non corrosive
  • Suit of the two essential functions for the pressing of the multilayer tube:
    • Recalibrate the inside diameter of the tube after cutting
    • Deburrs inside the tube and prevents to cause lesions on the O-ring of the fitting
  • An indispensable tool for those who must press the multilayer tubes
  • Available both in ratchet version, both with fixed head
  • Cylindrical section with 4 cutting edges on each measurement for precise and accurate work
  • Cutting edge made in special hardened steel
  • Black finished with fiberglass handle
  • Special ergonomic design
  • 4 diameters to calibrate the most used dimensions
  • Patented ratchet system (on some models: Table below)
  • Size are laser marked on the single steps
  • Made in Italy

Available models that you can choose from the drop down menu in the upper right side of the images:

900954Deburrer Calibrator 16x2 - 20x2 - 26x3 - 32x30,25 Kg
900955Deburrer Calibrator 16x2 - 20x2,5 - 26x3 - 32x30,25 Kg
900957Deburrer Calibrator 16x2,25 - 20x2,5 - 26x3 - 32x30,25 Kg
900953Ratchet Deburrer Calibrator 16x2 - 20x2 - 26x3 - 32x30,27 Kg
900958Ratchet Deburrer Calibrator 16x2,25 - 20x2,5 - 26x3 - 32x30,29 Kg
900956Ratchet Deburrer Calibrator 16x2 - 20x2,5 - 26x3 - 32x3 0,28 Kg

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