MINI Jaw Klauke with profile U

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Pressfitting jaw type U, for pressing tools MINI by KLAUKE. Best price for best quality by MGF Tools in the online-market!

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Multilayer composite / PEXmax. DN32
Weight (tool)1,00 Kg
Tool size120 x 100 x 25 mm
PackagingMGF cardboard box
Standard equipmentJaw
Special steelmax. DN22
Copper, copper alloysmax. DN28
Made ofSpecial steel forged and tempered

These pressfitting jaws are produced with special steel forged and tempered in order to ensure maximum surface hardness and flexibility. Instality ensures you a best in class price, especially for quantities. If you choose KLAUKE Jaws by MGF Tools you will get the best quality/price if compared to other companies like Novopress, Rems...

What we like about this pressfitting jaw, type U, for MINI pressing tools by KLAUKE:

  • Minimum wear thanks to additional induction hardening of points subject to wear on insertion bevels and profile geometry
  • Easy combination of jaws and profiles thanks to the codes with a nominal diameter, profile and production data
  • High corrosion protection through special superficial finish
  • Optimum security thanks to the machining of tool steel for high stress
  • Easy distinction between profiles for reasons of system using different colors of surfaces
  • Maximum precision and perfect pressing at the end of each cycle, thanks to the working of pressing profiles with CNC machines
  • Maximum surface hardness and flexibility. They are manufactured with special steel forged and tempered. This gives assurance to our jaws
  • These Jaws by MGF Tools are suitable to be used as well on all KLAUKE pressfitting tools sold by other companies like REHAU, UPONOR, HENCO, RM...

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