Hinged vice with fast release 3 inch

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COBRA hinged vice with quick release system for pipes up to 3 inches by MGFTools. The vice is equipped with holes for convenient assembling on any workbench top

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Weight (tool)5,5 Kg
Tool size220 x 190 x 340 mm
PackagingMGF cardboard box
Standard equipmentTool in envelope
Min diameter (mm)13
Max diameter (mm)89
Min Diameter (inches)1/4''
Max diameter (inches)3''
Made ofSteel

Hinged vice, mod. COBRA, by MGFTools, ideal for pipes of diameter 1/4'' - 3'' (13 - 89 mm) and produced in steel.

What we like about this quick-release hinged pipe vice:

  • Quick-release system, painted in red
  • Hardened and CNC machined jaws, stronger pipe locking
  • Stable and flat plan
  • Easily transportable and ready to use
  • Reinforced lateral plates
  • Safety hook with lever for manual use
  • screw with zinc-plated trapezoidal thread
  • Tempered and machine-operated jaws for better pipe clamping
  • Holes for convenient assembling on any workbench top
  • Wide working range from 1/4'' to 3'' inches

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