Telescopic pipe cutter with deburring and spare part

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Telescopic pipe cutter 6-38mm e 1/4''-1 1/2'' For cutting copper and thin steel pipes MGFTools Special 38, with wheel For cutting copper or thin steel.

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Copper range6-38 mm | 1/4''- 1 1/2''
Steel rangethin steel 6-38 mm | 1/4''- 1 1/2''
Weight (tool)0,47 Kg
PackagingMGF cardboard box
Standard equipmentTool in blister
Copper, copper alloysYes
Min diameter (mm)6
Max diameter (mm)38
Min Diameter (inches)1/4''
Max diameter (inches)1 1/2''
Colorred, black details

Special 38 MGFTools Telescopic Wheel Tool Pipe Cutter for for copper and thin steel 6-38 mm and 1/4'' - 1 1/2''.

What we like about this SPECIAL 38 telescopic pipe cutter:

  • Grinded and grooved larger rollers, no threads, cutting non-burred pipes or pipes with flares is easier
  • For cutting pipes in mm and in inches ('')
  • Telescopic guide without mechanic plays and smooth handle rotation, perfect cutting
  • Professional deburrer included, only one tool to complete the cutting task
  • Grinded and grooved larger rollers, better pipe alignment
  • Spare wheel included in the handle and a wheel already mounted, complete supply, non stop operation
  • Rotary handle
  • Available in the version for cutting copper or thin steel tubeschoose from the drop down menu next to the image type of pipe that must be cut to choose the cutter's right for you
  • Cutting diameters:
    • 6 - 38 mm
    • 1/4'' - 1 1/2''
  • Cutting tool for professionals

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