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Descaling pump, eliminates limestone with acid chemical

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Limescale descaling pump for cleaning boilers, circuits, water heaters, instantaneous coils, .. Product with special impeller pump suitable for acid media.

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Descaling pump, eliminates limestone for descaling boilers. Equipped with a large tank, easy to clean and suitable for descaling large heating systems. MAXI is a descaling pump characterized by a conveniente quality/price ratio, as usual for the tools you can buy from instality.com.

This descaling pump is a professional plumbing tool. Made in Italy.

What we like about this descaling pump, acid circulation pump:

  • Tank equipped with metal handle, easy to transport even with a full tank
  • Range up to 40 L/min, is ideal for descaling boilers even larger
  • Suction filter to protect the pump from dirt and residues of limestone: the pump lasts longer and reduces the costs for maintenance
  • Lever flow reversal for a descaling action more effective. is in fact advisable to attack the lime scale by acting on both fronts, operating flow inversion every 5-10 minutes of operation
  • 20L tank, therefore ideal for the descaling of big plants
  • For use with a liquid antilimestone specific

Purchasing an Instality descaling pump is always a good investment. Discover why:

  1. A plumbing system without limestone have a better efficiency, better heat transfer and reduced wastes
  2. The investment will pay for itself in no time
  3. Best quality/price on the market for a professional plumbing tool
  4. Tool 100% made in Italy by MGFtools
  5. The manufacturer MGFTools is a leading manufacturer of pumps, with customers around the world for 40 years
  6. Excellent service before and after sale, fast delivery and exceptional prices
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Data sheet

Weight (tool)
9,00 Kg
Tool size
360 x 360 x 495 mm
MGF cardboard box
Standard equipment
Descaling pump
230 VAC - 50 Hz
Flow rate
40 l/min
Input connection
19 L
135 W
Service class
Insulation class
Max input temperature
50 °C
1 A
12 m
Sound pressure
70 dBA
red, black details

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