Next Generation refrigerant gas leak detector

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Refrigerant gas leak detector compatible with all refrigerants, with 6 levels of sensitivity. Include: 2 sensors for free, calibration certificate & batteries.

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Weight (tool)1,39 kg
Tool size370 x 230 x 120 mm
PackagingPlastic case
Standard equipmentLeak detectors, 1 spare sensors, sensitivity certificate, batteries and carrying case
RefrigerantsCFC (ex: R12,R11, R500, R503, ecc...), HCFC (ex: R22, R123, R124, R502, ecc...), HCFCs (ex: R134a, R404a, R125, R410, R407, R422, ecc...) and HFC (ex: R32, R134a, ...)
Sensor3 g/anno
SensibilitySelectable, 6 levels
Response time2 s

Leak detectors compliant with the specifications of EEC Regulation 1516/2007, In particular the minimum sensitivity is better than required on the HVAC regulations area.

What we like about this Next Generation Refrigerants Leak Detector:

  • Excellent for all the refrigerants: CFC (i.e.: R12, R11, R500, R503, etc ...), HCFCs (i.e.: R22, R123, R124, R502, etc ...), HCFCs (i.e.: R134a, R404a , R125, R410, R407, R422, etc ...) and HFC (i.e.: R32, R134A, ...)
  • This tool is supplied in a molded plastic case for the protection of the instrument when you move from one plant to another
  • Precise and reliable gas leak detector for leakage refrigerants gasCompliant with the specifications of EEC Regulation 1516/2007, in particular the minimum sensitivity is better than required
  • Automatic calibration
  • The Next Generation refrigerants leak detector offers 6 levels of sensitivity (1-6) and 15 research levels. As soon as the tool approaches the leak and the concentration of the refrigerant increases, the sound of the alarm becomes faster and the display will go through a series of three colors, red, yellow and green. The LEDs show 5 levels of search in each color.
  • Two sensors for free:
    • 1 sensor mounted on the leak detector
    • 1 spare sensor inside the briefcase
  • Batteries included
  • Response time 2 s
  • Leak detection 3 g / year
  • Allows you to better identify the losses, thanks to the RESET
  • Three-color LED bar for better readability of the level
  • Calibration of the first year search free and buyable directly in the following years
  • "Next Generation Standard" offers a precise and safe solution for detecting gas leaks

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