Torque Wrench Calibration Certificate

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Torque wrench calibration certificate, according to european procedures for calibration. To certify the company and verify the correct operation of the product.

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The supplier instality provides the ability to calibrate, when buying a specific product, tool, using the appropriate code suggested.

Because we like this calibration service: 

  • The calibration procedure is the same procedure suggested by LAT, italian commitee, to ensure the quality of the service offered
  • The measuring samples have a certified traceability. In practice, our samples are traceable to the universally recognized primary measurement standards
  • The calibration laboratory is air-conditioned throughout the year, in fact it is known that changes in temperature affect the measured value
  • The tool under calibration is in fact stabilizing according to the times and in the manner required by the procedure. For example, for a refrigerant gas scale remains equalizing for 12 hours before the calibration. How to calibrate seriously in an hour, as others do?
  • Instality supports customers by confronting with certification authorities to be sure that the reports provided comply with the strictest specifications required regulations.

Why choose this torque wrench calibration certificate:

  • Why is a reliable service and guaranteed, to "sleep soundly"
  • Is accurate, to customer specification comes the certificate with the name of the customer
  • Specific: Valid for one torque wrenches set 17 to 29 mm.

Buy your 6 open jaw wrenches for torque barsand the related calibration certificate.

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