MDM 100 Spring Drain Clearing and Unclogging Machine

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MGFTools MDM 100 Spring Drain Clearing and Unclogging Machine for pipes of diameter 32 - 100 mm. Excellent for unclog drain clogging.

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Weight (tool)12,00 Kg
Tool size195 x 360 x 340 mm
PackagingMGF cardboard box
Standard equipmentMDM100, springs Ø 16 mm, augers 2 spirals, and 2 lances, tools Included gloves and spanner
Voltage230 VAC - 50 Hz
Min diameter (mm)32
Max diameter (mm)100
Power0,25 KW
Colorred, black details

MDM 100 Spring Drain Clearing and Unclogging Machine, can be used to clean and unclog drains and pipes in general through the mechanical action of the augers tools provided

What we like about this MDM100 unclogging spring cleaning machine:

  • Light and handy, thanks to the quick connection of the augers, it allows quick and clean way unclogging, while transmitting high torque to the auger
  • Direct and reverse rotation higher effectiveness, thanks to which you can unlock springs from debris and start again with the action of disotturante obtaining results quickly and effectively
  • Steel and aluminum molded frame, light and strong
  • Rubber feet adjustable in height and enlarged base for best stability
  • Handle for transport easy to carry
  • Belt drive, strong and noiseless (vedi immagine a fianco)
  • Weight 12 Kg (22 Kg with tools) and dimensions 195 x 360 x 340 mm
  • Power 0,25 KW
  • Rotation 400 rpm
  • Tension 230 VAC / 50Hz
  • Working scope pipes Ø 32 - Ø 100 mm
  • Max lenght 30 m
  • Provided with MDM 100:
    • MDM100 Machine
    • 6 pcs spring x 2,5 m Ø16mm Cable with Drum
    • 1 pc Straight Drain Cleaning Auger Ø16mm
    • 1 pc Straight Auger with Hook 16 mm
    • 1 pc 4 Blade Spade Cutter Ø 16 mm
    • 1 pc Drain Unclogging Spade Cutter Ø 16 mm
    • Work gloves
    • Spanner
  • MDM100 allows you to solve any problem related to the obstruction of drains

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