1L Flushing Chemical with SANITIZER and BIOCIDE

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Chemical disinfectant for plumbing, heating and cooling. Effective to remove algae, mucilage, bacteria. Made in Italy.

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Weight (tool)1,25 Kg
PackagingIn container with threaded plug plastic
Standard equipmentLiquid en bottle
Recommended dilutionFrom 1% to 1,5%
Time of circulation30 - 60 minutes
Ph3,2 ± 0,05

Algaecida, bactericide, broad-spectrum virucide, specifically for cooling and heating systems. Professional chemical product for heating and cooling systems threatment, suitable for all kinds of pipes. Made in Italy.

What we like about this product for dissolve sludge, mud, oxides and maintain suspension of the limestone in heating systems:

  • Technical support instality on using the product for optimum treatment
  • It removes algae, bacteria and viruses from heating and cooling systems circuit
  • Wide spectrum biocide
  • Algaecide, bactericide, broad-spectrum virucide, specifically for cooling and heating systems
  • Indicated for the removal of mucilage and algae from closet-circuit systems such as radiating floors or solar panels with the help of MGF Tools Pump Solar Range or Tsunami Range
  • Available in 1L tank
  • Technical data sheet available for download here on this page or write us
  • Quick delivery and very good prices

How to use:

Circulate at maximum flow rate with a MGF Tools pump (Solar or Tsunami), inverting flow direction, for at least one hour. At the end, rinse the system until water is perfectly clean.

Physical chemical properties:

  • Liquid state
  • Colorless color
  • Fruity smell, characteristic pungent
  • pH as it is 3,2 ± 0,05
  • Boiling point > 100 °C
  • Relative density 1 ÷ 1,10 kg/lt
  • Excellent and complete water solubility

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User Manual cleaning bacteria

User manual of the washing liquid for algae, bacteria, virus ...

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