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1L Inahibitor against LIMESCALE and CORROSION
  • 1L Inahibitor against LIMESCALE and CORROSION

1L Inahibitor against LIMESCALE and CORROSION

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Protective film-forming product, prevents the deposit of material and corrosion, on the walls of the tubes. Form a protective film. Made in Italy.

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Protective liquid anticorrosive for systems heat and refrigeration. Eliminates thermal stresses and gaseouses due to the coupling of different metals. Made in Italy.

What we like about this product film-forming against deposits and corrosion:

  • Technical support instality on using the product for optimum treatment
  • It forms a protective monomolecular film on the walls of heating and cooling systems further to eliminate thermal and gas shocks due to the assembling of different metals
  • Compatible with all metals and plastics that make up a thermal plant
  • Contains an effective biocide able to avoid or at least to reduce quite a lot the development of algae and biological products within the system
  • A based on salts inhibitors, thus prevents the adhesion of carbonates and protects against oxidation and corrosion common metals
  • To be combined with anti-freeze good quality to complement the action of the same anti-corrosion (for example, if the percentage of antifreeze in their first job is less than 30%, or after a period of exploitation of the same system)
  • Available in 1L tank
  • Technical data sheet available for download here on this page
  • Quick delivery and very good prices

How to use:

After system flushing, mix with top quality antifreeze products (monopropylene glycol). Mix and fill the system with a MGFTools high performance pump.

Physical characteristics:

  • Aspect (physical and colour) Liquid, light blue slightly opalescent
  • Odour Slight
  • pH (pure product) 9,5
  • pH (1 %) 8,50
  • Redox potential (ORP) -30 mV
  • Electrical conductivity (EC) > 4.000 μs/cm
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS) > 2.000 mg/lt
  • Boiling point Over 100 °C
  • Flash point (c.c.) Not inflammable
  • Relative density 1,049 ± 0,001 g/ml
  • Solubility in water Complete
Not inflammable product, compatible with common antifreezes. Avoid any contact with eyes and skin. For more information refer to Safety Data Sheet. PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT.
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Data sheet

Weight (tool)
1,00 Kg
In container with threaded plug plastic
Standard equipment
Liquid en bottle
Recommended dilution
From 1% to 2%
Light blue


Filming for pipes

This is a product preventing carbonates to adhere and protecting from oxidation and corrosion, by forming a protective molecular film on thermal systems. Rev. 1.1

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