SuperSol liquid for limestone and algae 10L

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Liquid SuperSol by MGFTools eliminates limestone, sludge and algae in condensers, pipes and boilers.It does not corrode metals and plastics. Produced in Italy.

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Weight (tool)10,00 Kg
Tool size220 x 320 x 190
PackagingIn container with threaded plug plastic
Recommended dilutionSee data sheet for the product in the "DOWNLOAD"
Phat 1% : 2
ColorLight red

SuperSol is a descaler of safety to be used to quickly remove scale deposits of limestone, sludge and algae which are formed in the condenser coils, in the cooling pipes, in the boilers and in all the systems with circulation of water for cooling or heating.

What we like about this Descaling liquid:

  • Technical support instality on using the product for optimum treatment
  • EASY TO USE it does not contain muriatic acid and can therefore be used very easily. Despite being a concentrated chemical product, and therefore to be used as such, it does not present any annoying odors or vapors
  • STABLE AND ECONOMIC preserves intact and stable for years and being very concentrated proves effective already at low concentrations. One kilogram of SuperSol is able to completely remove up to 1 kg of calcareous encrustation
  • SAFE FOR THE PLANT AND THE OPERATORS the lack in the formula of strong acids and the presence of particularly effective corrosion inhibitors, make the product extremely safe and practically ERROR-PROOF! In fact, it is possible to FORGET the descaling solution in the system: the SuperSol product will have no detectable corrosive action in respect of ferrous metals and rubber, cork or plastic parts, provided that it is used at concentrations lower than 20% and provided contact time does not exceed 24-48 hours
  • The product finds application in the removal of limestone residues from stainless steel structures, bringing it back to its original appearance
  • SuperSol is also used for the removal of lime used in the special machine for cleaning the tripe
  • Available in 10 L tank

Chemical-Physical characteristics:

  • Physical state: transparent liquid
  • Color: light red
  • Miscibility with water: total
  • Odor: typical light
  • Density at 20°C: 1,3 Kg./Lt
  • pH: 2 in 1% solution
Before carrying out the treatment in circuits that have accumulation tanks, these must be previously cleaned or bypassed by the circuit. SuperSol is absolutely harmless to ferrous metals but has a slight aggressiveness towards metals such as zinc, aluminum, magnesium and related alloys; even if it is unlikely to find such materials in water circulation systems, it will be a good idea to check their presence in order to avoid annoying inconveniences. The solvent action against limescale and rust is rapid and total and it should therefore be kept in mind that if the incrustations themselves mask any cracks or holes, it will be necessary to replace the damaged parts of the system. SuperSol has no solvent action in respect to silt, mud, sludge and other such substances, but acts completely on the salts (limestone) that keep them aggregated; in other words, we will have a considerable quantity of material suspended and it may be necessary, in the most difficult cases, to carry out a complete replacement of the solution so as not to obstruct valves, bottlenecks and pumps.

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SuperSol Technical Sheet

Technical Sheet rev. 1.0 of 17/12/2013 of SuperSol liquid for Limestone and Algae 10L Art. 793046. Safety descaler to be used to quickly remove scale deposits, sludge and algae that are formed in the condenser coils, in the cooling pipes, in the boilers and in all the systems with circulation of water for cooling or heating.

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