Press Jaws

Instality press jaws are compatible with all pressing profiles and can be used on the machines of all major brands.

Our press jaws are a best buy because:

  • best quality / price ratio on the market. Professional jaws 100 € VAT are definitely a great buy
  • the jaws are galvanized to provide superior durability and resistance to corrosion
  • our press jaws are equipped with a synchronization mechanism that allows a perfect coupling of the profile and pressing qundi a perfect
  • pins are made of a constant section, to ensure excellent resistance and avoid breakage
  • double induction hardening to ensure all hardness and toughness for good pressings over time
  • Klauke and MGF press jaws are made with modern manufacturing technologies and numerical control machines

When you have to buy press jaw, Instality is the perfect store for you.

Press Jaws - Instality, professional plumbing tools

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