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Klauke pressing tools: world flagship pressfitting tools. The pressing jaws compatible with all major plumbing tools, have unique features such as the synchronization mechanism.

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Benders - professional plumbing tools

Instality pipe bending tools are entirely made in Italy. Benders for the most demanding plumbers, thanks to the short supply chain adopted by Instality, these tube benders are cheaper and more reliable than many benders Chinese imported from German companies.



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Special products

Test pump - high pressure 500...
2 Review(s)

Electric test pump. Provides high adjustable pressure up to 500 bar, ideal for testing industrial, electrical, chemical installations. Made in Italy by MGF

4 390,48 € 6 996,79 € Tax excluded
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High Pressure Testing Pump
0 Review(s)

High pressure testing pump, up to 1300bar, manual. Excellent for pressure testing systems, piping, vessels at very high pressure (i.e. shipyards, chemical..)

2 440,44 € 3 904,70 € Tax excluded
Battery-powered pressfitting...
1 Review(s)

STEEL Classic 110 B is the 18V battery-powered pressing tool with constant thrust ideal for nominal sizes to 110 mm also for steel. Produced by Klauke Germany.

1 906,13 € 2 990,00 € Tax excluded
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Vulcano POWER 20 KW Kit Concrete...
1 Review(s)

The screed Heating and Drying Machine Vulcano and Vulcano C-Plus by MGF Tools, which combine to create a kit Power 20 KW! More power and greater convenience. 

1 846,02 € 2 930,20 € Tax excluded
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