Hydraulischer Rohrbieger BIG MGFTools

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Hydraulischer Rohrbieger zum Biegen von verzinkten Stahlrohren bis 3" und 180°. MGF Tools Produkt. Made in Italy. Für den Installateur.

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StandardausrüstungBIG Rohrbieger , Biegesegmente, Halter und Gegenhalter
Min. Durchmesser (Zoll)1/2''
Max. Durchmesser (Zoll)3''
FarbeRot und Details in Schwarz
Notwendige Kraft zum Biegen2'' 32500 N / 3'' 65000 N

Rohrbieger  für Biegungen bis 3"und 180°.

Was uns gefällt:

  • Diagonale Gegenhalter, schnelleres Biegen bei kleinen Rohren
  • Drehbares Untergestell. Erfahren Sie mehr darüber: Schauen Sie sich die technischen Datenblätter unserer Werkzeuge
  • Ideal zum Biegen von verzinkten und schwarzen Stahlrohren;
  • Mit automatischem Kolbenrückzug
  • Der Biegerahmen ist ufklappabar
  • Gradueller Vorschub des Kolbens; Schnell und stark für graduelle Biegungen
  • Ideal zum Biegen gemäß DIN 2440, 2441 und DIN EN 10255 Normen

Hydraulic pipe bender MGFTools model "BIG", is ideal for bending steel pipes.

What we like about this pipe bender for bending black and galvanized steel pipes up to 3 inches:

  • Ideal for the construction of fire-fighting systems, thanks to the range of action extended up to 3"
  • The great force developed by the hydraulic unit, 20t (Art. 903010 up to 3'') and 15t (Art. 903099 up to 2''), allows you to make the curve effortlessly
  • Ideal machine for bending black or galvanized pipes according to DIN 2440 and DIN 2441com wide range of action from 1/2"and up to 3" (depending on the model)
  • With the BIG hydraulic bending machine it is possible to make bends up to 180º in 3 very fast steps, explained in detail in the user manual supplied with the pipe bender and downloadable on the website
  • Folding plates marked to facilitate the positioning of the nuts and the tube to be bent
  • Travel wheels, fold and transport the hydraulic bender without further effort or fatigue
  • The force multiplication system allows for fast operation and a smooth curve
  • Swivel support supplied as standard together with the pipe bender discover the standard equipment in the technical data sheets of our tools for plumbers
  • Piston with automatic spring return for a rapid execution of the curve
  • Tilting plate that facilitates the extraction of the tube after bending the tube
  • Gradual piston advance, fast and powerful at the same time for gradual curves
  • Bend pipes up to 3'' and up to 180°
  • Monobloc hydraulic system with automatic piston return
  • Hydraulic pipe bender with monobloc system and automatic piston return after the bend
  • Diagonal positioning of back formers, faster execution of curves of small diameters 
  • Hydraulic pipe bender for bending black or galvanized iron pipes

La piegatubi idraulica BIG è anche comoda da trasportare

Standard equipment BIG pipe bender

Extensive standard equipment that allows you to proceed with the bends of the iron pipes immediately; in fact, the hydraulic bender is supplied with:

  • Tripod
  • Rotating telescopic lever
  • Formers
  • User manual with detailed instructions (anticipate the reading and download it in the "Download" section)
  • Transport box

Technical features

  • Hydraulic pipe bender for iron and black or galvanized steel pipes according to DIN 2440 and DIN 2441. Ideal for plumbing and fire prevention systems
  • Safety Overload Valve
  • Hydraulic stroke limitation
  • Maximum bending angle 180º
  • Bending work can be carried out without physical effort thanks to the high force of the hydraulic unit and the extension of leverage allowed by the telescopic handle (20t Art. 903010 e 15t Art. 903099)
  • Fitted with retractable bending frames, indelibly marked, to facilitate easier positioning of bending supports and pipe
  • "V" shape frame design, showing the 90º degree angle reference, reduce hydraulic stroke and save bending time
  • Monobloc hydraulic system with automatic piston return


Art. 903099

Art. 903010


Up to 2''

Up to 3''

Capacity (t)



Weight (kg)




















Weight (kg)








Sehr guter Rohrbieger. Ausgezeichnet für Stahlrohren !



    Ottimo pr il tubo in ferro.

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    BIG Rohrbieger Handbuch

    MGF BIG Rohrbieger ist entworfen worden, um Rohre gemäß der DIN-2440 Norm biegen zu können. Laden Sie die Anleitungen herunter und erfahren Sie mehr darüber.

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